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Singer/songwriter, Samantha Ava, is based out of the Niagara region, in Ontario, Canada.  With many different genres of inspiration, she blends them beautifully into a style all her own.  The deep, sultry tone of her vocals, lyrical ability, and unique style have attracted a wide demographic of listeners who enjoy her music.

Samantha's accomplishments include winning Drop The Mic 2019, semi-finalist in Next Country Music Star contest, giving her the opportunity to perform at Havelock 2021 (see the "Shows" page), placing top 10 in CMT's television series, Karaoke Star, semi-finalist for the lyrics to the song "Ghost" at NSAI's International Song Writing Competition 2019, and performances at various venues and live on radio in Nashville, TN.  Samantha was nominated in 3 categories for the 2020 Niagara Music awards - Best New Artist, Best Country Music Artist, and Female Vocalist Of The Year.

After running into each other at the 2019 Niagara Music Awards, Samantha Ava and her former photographer, bassist Louis Roy, mutually agreed that it was time to put a band together to fill out her live sound.

Shortly after that, Samantha met drummer Kevin Donovan through the power of social media.  She immediately fell in love with his style & rhythm after the first audition and asked him to be a part of the project.  Just like that, the rhythm section was complete.

Samantha, Kevin, and Louis began rehearsing in the summer of 2020, periodically inviting different guitarists to sit in and audition.  Many talented musicians were considered, but the three of them hadn't yet found the person who fit in perfectly... until they met Ben Fleming.  Ben's audition blew the competition away.  While Kevin and Louis were singing his praises in the band chat the next day, Samantha was busy making him the official lead guitarist.

Samantha Ava's band is now complete and a true family bond has been established.  Staying true to her country-type songwriting style, her band gives Samantha enough of an edge to flirt with adding a rock edge to her sound.